True Rendezvous

The Buzzelli Multihull Rendezvous is entering a new phase by opening its doors to non-racing sport sailing multihull sailors. Multihulls are so much fun to sail you don’t need to race to get together and sail. Many of the WindRider sailors are not racers. These folks like to hang out and sail, for the pure joy of it. Dean Sanberg is bringing in a great group of WindRiders and is planning cruises and events for those who don’t want to get competitive around the buoys.
Bob Buzzelli had a big heart and would be happy to see his regatta be inclusive enough to welcome multihull sailors even if they didn’t want to race. Bob was a very strong part of the Wednesday night Stiletto crowd, a group of about 5-6 Stilettos and other multihulls that go out every Wednesday evening, just because they like to sail.
Bring them on and let’s party together, you racers may even be able to convert one or two of these folks.

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